Smaller, More Efficient Government

Washington residents are being taxed to death with no end in sight. Misguided policy-makers want to increase government spending on ineffective programs, they keep raising our taxes to pay for them, and we keep reelecting them! Car tabs and property taxes are just the beginning. Next on the list are a state income tax, higher payroll taxes, a carbon tax and capital gains taxes. When will it end? Throwing money at a problem and expecting government to solve it doesn’t work, but it’s great job security for money hungry bureaucrats. It’s time we made our government work for US!

Families, Veterans and Small Businesses

In order to rebuild our neighborhoods and communities, we need to start with the people. We need to better protect families, those who serve our country, and the American dreams of home ownership, small businesses, and raising a family. We need to better protect the middle class and create reliable pathways to prosperity for hard working Americans in under-served communities. Big government profiteers are the only ones who benefit when citizens become reliant on subsidies and handouts. We The People benefit when we’re given opportunities to grow and live independent of government.

Homelessness, Addictions and Crime as Community Health Issues

Two of my brothers were significantly impacted by homelessness and I grew up in a county riddled with crime and drugs, so I have a unique and personal understanding of these issues that are plaguing our communities. Half of our prison population are incarcerated for non-violent crimes, and our country houses 25% of the world’s inmates. Crime in Tacoma is through the roof and only getting worse! Addressing these issues from a punitive criminal justice perspective is not working. We need to look to non-profit and other community-based groups to take a rehabilitative approach to helping those who want to help themselves.

Family Court Reform

I was introduced to lobbying in Olympia through my passion for better protecting the children, parents and families who suffer through child custody and divorces that go through family courts. It is undeniable that the adversarial processes, policies, and practices are harmful to our children and families.  Since 2015 I have been an active advocate for equal shared parenting, including championing HB1554 (2017-2018) for Parental Equality, sponsored by State Representative Larry Haler and eight of his colleagues. By creating transparency, better accountability, and stronger oversight I believe we can vastly improve our broken family courts and make Washington a model for other states across the nation.